Date: 2nd of March 2012
Place: The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki

Dilemma: If you represent a relatively small media or blog – like Off The Record – sometimes it is quite hard to book famous international acts. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve had a pleasure of working with many cool bands around the world from Australia to USA. But in addition to the sessions you’ve already seen, we’ve also sent dozens of requests that have never happened.

The Sounds have a fanatic fanbase basically everywhere and they are huge especially in Nordic Countries. Here in Helsinki The Sounds just sold out two nights in a venue with the capacity nearly 3000. We are sure that basically any tv-show, magazine or radio would invite them anytime. This time The Sounds chose Off The Record.

From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you Maja, Jesper and Félix (and the other guys as well) for spending some of you precious time with us.

Valokuvataiteen museo
Ramona Forsström / Warner Music Finland
Pete Voutilainen / One Eye Tattoo

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