Date: 10th of July 2011
Place: Ruisrock Festival

Oh sweet Olavi! We had a pleasure of having one of the most talented Finnish musicians and his merry men to play few songs with us in the backstage area of Ruisrock festival last summer.

Two weeks ago Olavi released his fifth studio album “Elvis istuu oikealla”. He actually played one those new songs as well but this time we must blame some metalheads: their noisy death metal from other stage ruined the clip. Too bad – but luckily we were able to save 3 other songs.

By the way, please take a close look of “Punavuoriblues” for a classic Ruisrock moment.

This is episode #1 of the lost Off The Record tapes. More footage from last summer to follow…


Ruisrock Festival / Mikko Niemelä & Maria Silvasto
Universal Music / Sami Rikala

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