Show me the money?!

Off The Record is our independent playground and we try our best to keep it that way. We are making this for fun and we are not making any money out of this. Some people go fishing, some go golfing, we go filming Off The Record. It is strange that “how we make money” is one of the main question about OTR. Why? We really don’t know. Is it that strange to make something for very different reasons than just money? Maybe we are strange, but most of the people are…

We think that Off The Record is more similiar to a band than a “production company”. We are just a bunch of friends filming stuff with bands and artist that we truly respect. It is all about our love for moving picture and music. We think that is much more valuable than any euros, bahts or dollars. We have applyed for scholarships and even got some, but that is just to cover some of our production costs. Our goal is to keep our independence and freedom to make our own stuff for us and you guys out there. Unless someone has a lot of cash…

It is not all about money. It should be more about heart and soul, brothers and sisters!

-OTR Crew

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  2. love your work.