We’re on YouTube and Spotify

Earlier all Off The Record videos have been uploaded on Vimeo only. Many of you, our dear visitors, have been asking why there and not on YouTube.

As some of you may have heard, there’s a better quality on Vimeo. Higher resolution and other technical mumbo jumbo, no (unnecessary) censorship or age limits etc.

Every now and then, let’s be straight, some assholes have been ripping our clips and shared these on their private YouTube accounts. Without credits, of course. Some of the videos have gathered tens of thousands views.

This has pissed us off.

That’s why we have now founded Off The Record’s YouTube account. From this on, feel free to watch all our clips on your favourite video sharing website.


We also created a Spotify playlist of Off The Record tracks (original album versions). Subscribe to our playlist here.

Off The Record crew

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