The Capital Beat

Date: 10th of July 2011
Place: Beachfront, Ruisrock Festival, Turku

Any minute now the first winter storm is going to hit Southern Finland. Hey, take a look out of your window: It is dark and raining, the wind is blowing 15m/sec and you just can’t do anything outdoors. But we have a nice summer memory for you guys, and it’s something that we’ve been saving for the right moment. The time is now!

That weekend in Ruisrock festival was very hot indeed. The whole beachfront was filled with people swimming, laying on towels and just chillin’ out. It was perfect set up for The Capital Beat’s first song “Fistful of Fire” featuring hyperactive Tommy Lindgren (Don Johnson Big Band). Suddenly a half naked hippy with a flute arrived.

In addition to Cstart, during “Sweet Sweet” we got again another special guest. A tattooed and probably quite wasted kid with a mohawk started to sing some strange mumbo jumbo. In Off The Record sessions the bands are allowed to communicate with their audiences and this time it truly was interactive.

The final song “Naked” was THE moment. Cute girls wearing micro jeans shorts and bikinis danced with us. One small kid jammed along. Ok, that bloody hippie and his horrible flute solos returned but even that couldn’t ruin the magical feeling.

Sea, sax and sun. Funky reggae and ska tunes on the beachfront. You can almost feel the warm breeze on your skin. Only few months more and we are there again.

Mikko Niemelä & Lauri Lehtinen / Ruisrock
Otso Kähönen / Fullsteam
Joose Berglund / Stupido

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