Niclas Frisks Chinatown (SWE)

Date: 25th of May 2011
Place: Esplanadi street cafe, Helsinki

Well, well, well he’s back in Helsinki again. The late Atomic Swing frontman and man behind maybe the greatest party anthem “Stone Me into the Groove” in Helsinki’s rock clubs from Bar Loose to Club Mojo. All of us have spent so many sweaty and insane moments on the dancefloor with that amazing tune.

Even Atomic Swing broke up long time ago, their vocalist Niclas Frisk is still going strong. Recently he has been active with a new project called Niclas Frisk’s Chinatown. Last summer the band played Helsinki and of course we just had to make an appointment with Niclas and his friends. This time we didn’t hear our favourite track, but fortunatly they played one Atomic Swing song called “In The Dust”.

Funny detail: In addition to acoustic instruments Niclas Frisk’s Chinatown wanted to use electronic keyboard. Of course we didn’t have any amps with us. How to find a solution? Easy! One of us ran to a nearest Clas Olsson store and bought the cheapest mini-sized speaker he could find. Still it sounds much better than you could expect, doesn’t it?

Nora Norrlin / EMI Music
Milla Palovaara

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