Date: 17th of September 2011
Place: Suomenlinna, Helsinki

That Saturday in mid-September was probably the last warm and sunny day of the autumn 2011. The set up was perfect since Regina’s electro-influenced indie music has always made us think about those unforgettable summer days.

Like always, also this time Suomenlinna was packed with tourists and local people wandering around the sunny fortress island and having picnics. Sea was glimmering and sailing boats were floating in mild wind.

But right after Regina had finished their sound check the dark clouds arrived. When you watch these videos, you can easily spot how in one angle you can almost feel the heatwave but just seconds later the dark autumn is crawling from the skyline.

Also in one point helicopter was flying just above us and it almost ruined the whole take. Fortunately our sound engineer Jukka was able to unjust the sound levels so we didn’t lose any of the precious material.

Now the summer is gone but luckily Regina’s songs are here to help us through the dark winter.

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