Josh T. Pearson (USA)

Date: 9th of August 2011
Place: Mansion of Junes, Helsinki

He came back from 10 years deep wilderness. Made his way trough burning London to rainy Helsinki and met the spirit of Jean Sibelius inside the Junes’ mansion. This dude with great sense of humor is truly the last of the country gentlemen. No more words needed…

The owner of this mansion is Aulis Junes, over 70 years old man who runs a wonderful flea market on the first floor. He has been fighting more than 10 years against the City of Helsinki for his right to live at is home. The house is in pretty bad shape and needs big renevations soon. Still mr Junes doesn’t care much about the authorities so he is repairing it very slowly in his own schedule.

Mansion of Junes in Linnunlaulu district is a very unique location and it radiates something that you can’t find in any other place in Helsinki. Trust us: it is defenietly worth of visit.

Aulis Junes
Tommi Muhli/ Playground Music

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