Plain Ride

Date: 29th of May 2011
Place: Ferry to Suomenlinna, Helsinki

We have been Plain Ride fans for ages and were really thrilled for finally having a session with them. Our original plan was to take a ferry to Suomenlinna, walk around that beautiful old fortress and play a session there. But when you take a trip with a band, you never know how it ends. This time it ended up to be an endless magical mystery cruise.

Plain Ride started to play in the ferry, and from the first chords we knew that this was going to be a remarkable session. In the end we never stranded in Suomenlinna, just stayed on a boat and cruised back and forth between Helsinki and the island. Band just kept on playing and playing. It was more like a whole show than a basic session. Eventually we picked three of the five songs – maybe someday we will publish the rest of them too.

That cruise was also a strange trip to Finnish state of mind and behaviour.

People say that we Finns are shy and quiet. We need our own space and keep the distance to other people as long as possible. On our ride we noticed that that this is true. The empty area between Plain Ride and passengers was as big as it can be; only some tourists got closer.

This is why we wanted to give you some tips. If you ever witness Off The Record live session, follow these steps so you can act like a true Finn.

– Stay as far from band as you can
– Try your best to ignore what is happening around you
– Don’t get excited (if you do, try your best to hide it)
– After the song clap your hands only if someone else starts first

Joel Sipilä
HSL / Suomenlinnan lautta

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