Date: Saturday 9th of July 2011
Place: Fields of Ruissalo, Turku

Indie rock group Rubik is a very busy band. When the guys are not touring around Europe, South America or USA (like at the moment), they are most likely writing new material, locked inside a studio to produce other bands or playing in several different projects (Pariisin kevät, Risto, Jätkäjätkät to name a few). We’ve been trying to organize a full session with Rubik for ages now but everytime we suggest something, they seem to be somewhere else.

In July Rubik performed in Ruisrock festival. In short gap between their soundcheck and concert we had a chance to invite them to the sunny fields of Ruissalo.

Please take this as a prologue. We promise you that someday we’ll find more time and record three more Rubik songs.

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