Architecture in Helsinki (AUS)

Date: Sunday, 3rd of July 2011
Place: Senaatintori, Helsinki

Every now and then there is a chance that you just can’t ignore. When Australian indie/electro group Architecture in Helsinki announced a club show in our hometown Helsinki, we knew right away where we wanted to host this session.

Here’s some background info and a short introduction to our foreign readers:

There are actually quite many famous spots in Helsinki but one is definitely above others. One specific view that is always presented in post cards, Helsinki brochures, city guides etc: Senaatintori square.

If you book a sightseeing tour in Helsinki, most likely the first stop is Senaatintori square. It is a traditional market place in the heart of the city surrounded by 19th century Russian-style old offices, shops, statues, university buildings and especially Helsinki Cathedral, a huge white church with massive green domes. If someone is telling you about Helsinki’s architecture, he/she is most likely talking about that scenery.

About one year ago we had a Off The Record meeting where we listed about 200 potential locations from shops, parks and museums to other cool places. Senaatintori was listed as number one. We wanted to save this for some special occasion but in this case we knew right away that we have a winner.

Here we go: Architecture in Helsinki performing in the most famous architectural spot in Helsinki.

Ps. We know that we promised to edit this already weeks ago and suddenly here we are in the end of September. Sorry Architecture in Helsinki guys it took so long – we really tried but… well no excuses … hope you’ll like this anyway!

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