Ruisrock Festival 2011

Date: 8th-10th of July 2011
Place: Various locations at Ruisrock Festival site, Turku

It is summertime so Off the Record is on the road. For one weekend our crew travelled to city of Turku to shoot some sessions in Ruisrock festival.

Just a couple hours before the festival gates were opened we met Danish guys from Carpark North. Sales stands were being built as Carpark North played ”Human”, their biggest hit so far.

On Friday evening we met Jarkko Martikainen at the gates of hell in deep deep forest of Ruissalo. That was a great start for our road trip.

You never know what you might find from the fields of Ruissalo…

Looks like nature theme is strong on our trip. We had a relaxing walk to a forest near festival site with lovely Mirel Wagner.

On Sunday afternoon we had a date with Paleface in a Turkish Michelin star restaurant.

Sea, sax and sun. We had some funky reggae and ska moments with The Capital Beat on the Ruissalo beachfront.

Oh sweet Olavi! We had a pleasure of having a full session with of the most talented Finnish musicians and his merry men.

We spent three wonderful days in Ruisrock festival and three hard nights in the center of Turku.

For more Ruisrock material feel free to check our other sessions. Some surprises coming out later next winter!

Ruisrock Festival / Mikko Niemelä, Maria Silvasto and Lauri Levola
All the artists: Carpark North (DEN), Mirel Wagner, Jarkko Martikainen, Rubik, Paleface, Olavi Uusivirta and The Capital Beat.

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