Austin Lucas (USA)

Date: Saturday, 14th of May 2011
Place: Mikonkatu, Helsinki

First it seemed like a normal Saturday. You know the routines. Wake up, read the newspaper, eat breakfast, watch tv and then head to the city for some shopping. But right in the first place we noticed that something was badly wrong on that day. Even the sky was a bit greyer than usually.

By Kiasma, museum of modern arts, we met Austin Lucas. If someone of you don’t know him yet, here’s some basic facts:
– folk punk artist from Indiana, USA
– released a bunch of albums and vinyl singles
– toured with Hot Water Music’s Chuck Ragan
– Combat Rock released his cd/lp “A New Home in the Old World” in April
– a very nice guy

As we had no plans, we decided to go for a walk together. Austin had acoustic guitar with him so he played a couple of songs for us and the fellow citizens nearby.

But then we heard a terrible noise; like someone was screaming in pain. Police cars and motorcycles drove by with the sirens on. People were running in panic. And then: THEY ARRIVED!

We run. Oh yeah, we run for our lives. Luckily we survived. Unfortunately most of them didn’t.

On that Saturday afternoon the streets of Helsinki were flooding with blood.
We can’t describe it anything else but a brutal massacre.




Combat Rock / Janne Tamminen

Zombiewalk Helsinki


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