Hero Dishonest

Date: 2nd of June 2011
Place: YLE swimming hall, Helsinki

So far we have invited mainly indie/alternative bands to play Off The Record sessions. But right from the start our goal was to book other kinds of bands as well. Hopefully someday you’ll get to see some weird black metal or experimental crust punk. Anyway, here’s our first hardcore punk episode with Hero Dishonest.

As you can easily notice, Hero Dishonest decided to create completely new versions of their super-fast and complex songs. In the first clip there’s probably the coolest instrument ever: Ass drum! Take a note how red in turns to be…

Hero Dishonest’s drummer Jussi is working as a radio journalist in YleX channel, Finnish equivalent to BBC radio 1. Therefore he has access to all locations at YLE premises, including their private swimming hall! One morning we sneaked inside the pool area and in addition to OTR session we had a blast at sauna department.

Dear viewers: if you have access to some special location like this and you would like to invite us there, feel free to send mail to contact@offtherecord.fi. It’s a deal, right?


Jussi Mononen / underwater camera footage
Jussi, Birgit & other swimmers
Miikka Uunila
Finnish tax payers


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