Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave (Disgraceland)

Date: 30th of August 2011
Place: Plague Park, Helsinki

There are rumors that Elvis is still alive. We have finally an answer for that big question. He is not alive, but he is still around and definitely takes care of business from grave.
One day he visited Bar Loose and got lost in the downstairs catacombs. There he was, laying in his one man grave. The King had nothing against a small walk to the Plague park which was a perfect place for some serious zombie rock & roll.

In the past Plague park used to be a cemetery. In the year 1710 there were buried over 1000 bodies of plague epidemy victims. Nowadays this beautiful park is a popular picnic place. We bet that the dead people underground and living ones passing had a great and unforgettable rock & roll experience straight from Disgraceland.

Jukka Taskinen
Raimo Pesonen

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