Alcoholic Faith Mission (DEN)

Date: Friday, 28th of January 2011
Place: Museum of Natural History, Helsinki

When we first heard of Danish indie rock group Alcoholic Faith Mission we though just like most of you all: this must be some kind of shit (sorry guys, your band’s name may not be that good after all…). Then someone told us that they have same management or booking agent or something as Volbeat. We got even more suspicious.

Finally we found the courage and checked their profiles at MySpace and Spotify. We were shocked: Despite of the lousy name and not-so-cool background Alcoholic Faith Mission is brilliant! Like a mixture of our favourite indie bands Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene or their Danish colleagues Efterklang.

Unfortunately people in Finland don’t know Alcoholic Faith Mission yet. Just a few days before their first ever gig in Finland we played a couple of AFM songs to journalist at YleX radio and he hadn’t even heard the bands name before! Neither had most of our indie music loving friends.

Then came the show day. Tavastia was half empty, just as we had expected. That is why we really hope that this will turn up to be something like Muse’s, Ting Tings’ or Stone Temple Pilots’ first visits at Tavastia: A gig that most you missed and therefore you will regret if for the rest of your lives.

How to proceed:
1) Watch Alcoholic Faith Mission’s Off The Record session
2) Check the superb single “My Eyes to See”
3) Buy their third album ”Let This Be the Last Night We Care” (2010)

Next time when Alcoholic Faith Mission arrives in Finland hopefully you are able to say just like LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy used to: “I’m losing my edge…BUT I WAS THERE!”

Laura Hiisivuori / Museum of Natural History
Kasper Find / PonyMan
Jouni Markkanen / King Foo
Jyri Majalahti
Juha Tikka

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