Samae Koskinen

Date: Friday, 4th of February 2011
Place: Indian Summer vintage store, Helsinki

Sometimes it is quite easy to choose artists and shooting locations.

Juho Kosunen, old friend of ours, recently opened a new vintage clothing store called Indian Summer in the center of Helsinki. Juho used to play in indie pop band Ultrasport and they played dozens gigs with other Finnish indie group Sister Flo.

Samae Koskinen is the singer/guitarist/songwriter in Sister Flo. We’ve known Samae for years. Samae was about to release his third solo album and he is also a good friend with Juho.

Hey guys, could it be more obvious!?!? Let’s have Off The Record session with Samae at Juho’s store!

Few days before the showtime Indian Summer store posted info about Samae’s performance on Facebook. We had planned that it might look nice if there were few spectators browsing Juho’s collection while Samae was playing his set. In few hours nearly 100 people confirmed that they would attend the event. We got scared: would the small and cosy store be totally packed? Would the material look awful because of masses of people?

It was time for plan b: We invited Samae and his fellow musicians Olli (guitar) and Veli (keyboards) to Indian Summer already in the afternoon, few hours prior the informed showtime. We decided that first Samae would first play a private gig for us and later in the evening other set for the general public.

In the end Samae played two sets, we got good footage, Juho sold few items and you out there got the next Off The Record session. Everybody won! Sometimes good things come easy.

Juho Kosunen / Indian Summer
Marko Makelove
Kari Hynninen / Suomen musiikki

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