Uusi fantasia feat. Freeman


Date: Monday, 7th of February 2011
Place: Kisahalli, Helsinki

Let’s face it: It’s not always an easy task to arrange these Off The Record sessions. For the first time we contacted Uusi fantasia and their pr-representative Kari already several months ago. The original plan was that we could meet in November but suddenly the guys were busy with gigs, album promotion, remixes and other businesses. Then we settled a new date in December, cancelled it, settled a date in January, cancelled it…

Finally after many, many, many attempts we picked Uusi Fantasia members from their rehearsal room located in Kallio borough. We were supposed to drive straight to legendary sport center Kisahalli but suddenly the guys started to feel hungry. The only option was to make a quick stop at a burger joint – even though the shooting location was just 5 minutes away from the starting point.

Inside Kisahalli we met the rest of the band and their guest vocalist Freeman. (Note to our foreign readers: Check his 70’s mega hit “Ajetaan tandemilla”. Everybody in Finland knows him.). It was showtime!

First we headed to sweaty gym area, which was packed with macho bodybuilders. We had suspected that they might get pissed off ‘cause we would disturb their training sessions. Luckily nearly all of them started to smile, gathered around us, jammed along the song “Liian myöhään” and even took dozens of photos. They had no idea of the band called Uusi fantasia but of course they all knew Freeman who was jumping around in his green sweatsuit. Then we moved to two other locations. Check the video clips, we don’t want to spoil the surprise!

The venue was unique, the moment was just perfect, the band and their guest vocalist were great and once again everybody including our audience had lots of fun. Hopefully this will turn up to be a future classic.


Risto Hietanoro & Mikko Juuti + staff / Töölön Kisahalli
Kari Hynninen / Suomen Musiikki

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