Date: 28th of April 2012
Place: Yliopistomuseo, Helsinki

Who could have guessed?

Pariisin kevät was originally Arto Tuunela’s side project but nowadays it is one of the most popular bands around. Since the moment we founded Off The Record, Pariisin kevät has been on top of our priority list.

As you can understand, Arto is quite busy man. Of course most of his days are filled with things related to Pariisin kevät but he is still working as sound engineer at Finnvox studio. All the time something going on…

We all tried and tried. Confirmed, postponed and cancelled. Confirmed again and finally one year later the session is finally here.

Once again it was worth waiting for.

Sony Music/ Katja Vauhkonen
Helsingin Yliopistomuseo

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