Date: 21st of March 2012
Place: Töölö Library, Helsinki

Let’s call this episode ”How to fulfil a French fantasy”.

Library is a place where you really shouldn’t make any kind of noise – especially during the time when it is filled with students who are trying to study for their final exams.

Honestly it was a quite big surprise when the director of Töölö library gave us a permission to play some live music there.

The fact is that we were pretty scared of people’s reactions. What if someone gets pissed off or would complain about us? Would they make us stop?

But when Nouvelle Vague started their first song, no one seemed to be bothered. We saw only smiley faces – teenagers, old people and even the library staff were pleased.

Soon vocalist Liset Alea kicked her high heels off and danced barefoot between the bookshelves.

After the session Liset told us that making noise in a library was one of her secret fantasies. A couple of days later she even wrote on her Facebook page:

”Filming a few acoustic songs for Off The Record in the Helsinki Public Library! Yes, I got to shake my tambourine and sing and run barefoot inside the library! When I did it, I realised It was a hidden fantasy of mine!”

It was our pleasure to be able to fulfil one of your fantasies. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you.

Korjaamo / Timo Haapanen & Lani Nordlund
Töölön kirjasto

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