Date: 14th of May 2011
Place: various locations in Helsinki

Happened on one Saturday morning in mid-May. We were supposed to hook up with Kiljuvelka-70’s guys in the center of Helsinki. All three band members had a really bad hangover. One of them was missing; he was shopping for new shoes. Finally after a long wait everyone was there. The session could start!

By the house of parliament we met Pekka, ”a professional alcoholic” as he introduced himself. With his awesome Fuck me, I’m horny -jacket Pekka suggested that he could be our special guest. Sure, why not!

Somehow this clip makes us think about infamous Finnish punk band Shitter Limited and their records Anna pillua Helena Pesola (‘Give Me Some Pussy Helena Pesola’) and Saanko nuolla persettäsi Harri Holkeri (‘May I Lick Your Ass Minister Holkeri’). Hopefully we are not going to get sued by one conservative female like Shitter Limited used to.

Next stop: Töölönlahti bay. It was freezing cold and the ice cream kiosk was closed so we decided to steal their boat. This time the song was about not-so-bright future so what could be better location than a crappy rowing boat next to shining conference and opera houses?

Finally we ended up to legendary venue Tavastia. Actually we are not sure if Kiljuvelka-70’s last song is a positive or negative tribute to Tavastia’s promoter, our dear friend mr Merimaa. The delivery guy looked a bit confused and so did we.


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