Date: 11th of November 2012
Place: Neste Oil Express Sörnäinen cafeteria, Helsinki

We must admit that maybe it wasn’t the best day to organize a session.
– It was Sunday so not too many places were open.
– At the same time it was also father’s day and bank holiday. Even more closed doors.
– Rain, wind, +5 degrees, thick fog and darkness didn’t help much either

Luckily the guys from Wild Nothing were really relaxed so they didn’t even expect any hi-standard facilities.

Actually there was a very nice atmosphere at Neste gas station cafeteria. Taxi drivers were filling their daily coffee doses, some customers were shopping for milk, bread and other basic products and older people were spending pensions on fruit machines.

We are 100% sure that none of the customers recognized the two guys playing and singing in the far end corner. Few hours later it was quite an opposite when Wild Nothing played a sold out show at Kuudes Linja.

One evening – two completely different shows, audiences and locations.


Universal Music / Sami Rikala
Fullsteam / Artemi, Eeva & Chris

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