Date: 5th of November 2012
Place: Korjaamo art gallery, Helsinki

It is a very, very long way from Sahara desert to freezy Helsinki. One dark evening in early-November we met these Tuareg musicians dressed in traditional costumes. Since any of us were not too keen to go rainy outdoors, we found a (semi) peaceful spot at Korjaamo gallery where photographer Tiina Itkonen’s exhibition was being built.

We are sure that you all know basic facts of Tinariwen’s long and eventful history – and if you don’t, go ahead and google it. They have played in Coachella, Roskilde and basically all major festivals around the planet. They’ve won Grammy Award for best world music album. Thom Yorke to Robert Plant are their fans. TV on the Radio and Wilco played on their album. Got the point already?!?!?

We have no idea of what they are singing about. But that doesn’t matter at all. Tinariwen are the kings of hypnotic desert blues.


Korjaamo staff
Photographer Tiina Itkonen
Universal Music / Sami Rikala
Das Båt posse
Pat & Mat

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