Date: 13.2.2014
Place: Our friends apartment

You may have been wondering what have we been doing lately. The latest Off The Record session was released as long time ago as in February. But actually we have pretty good excuses.

As boring as this may sound, we’ve been working on our dayjobs. Few of us have travelled around world shooting Sound Tracker  tv-series with Sami Yaffa (by the way, check Mad Juana’s session), one got his first child, second has been working at festivals and the third has been editing all kinds of stuff and so on.

This Truckfighters session was shot already last winter but honestly we haven’t had time to finish it…until now.

We promise that this won’t be the last OTR session. But when the next one comes out, we can’t promise. Someday. Sooner or later.

So have fun and check our site every now and then. See you (hopefully) soon!

Off The Redord dudes

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