Date: 29.7.2016
Place: Rooftop, Qstock Festival, Oulu

It’s been a long time – A VERY LONG time – since we recorded our latest session. Actually over two years!
Why? Well, it’s the same excuse as always. We’ve just been busy, VERY BUSY.

As we have mentioned several times during the past years, Off The Record is our hobby. Sometimes you go to a gym 3 times aweek, and sometimes you want to have a longer break. It’s basically same thing with shooting these acoustic live sessions. One day we feel like taking our equipment out and other day we rather do something else. Like work, travel, listen to music, go to a concert, catch a movie, you name it.

Anyway, hope you enjoy our session with awesome and super talented Lissie.
More sessions coming… maybe… someday.

Or is this the final chapter?

Vesa Ranta & Harri Haataja (camera)
Kyösti Rautio (audio recording)
Antti Liimatainen (driver)
Jussi Kantola / Oulun Arktos ry,
Niksu Väistö / Live Nation
Melanie Knott
Niina Sulkala

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