Date: 27th of November 2012
Place: One Eye Tattoo, Helsinki

Our friend Pete owns a tattoo studio called One Eye Tattoo in Kallio district. He is a fan of our blog and he has been helping us a lot. In addition of making tattoos, he’s really into photographing. Pete has loads of camera equipment and many of our sessions have been shot with his gear.

Scott Kelly of legendary post-metal group Neurosis is known for his interest in tattoos. As you can see, his skin to covered with pictures. We also knew that Pete digs Neurosis so we wanted to give him a little surprise…

Also those two random dudes sitting in tattoo chairs got themselves two unforgettable memories: a new pictures in their arms and a private concert from one of the coolest guys around.

One Eye Tattoo / Pete Voutilainen & Taneli Jarva
Blow Up That Gramophone / Esa Valkeajärvi
Samu Hupli/ Cam dude

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