Date: 4th of January 2013
Place: Sörnäinen metro station, Helsinki

– In case you rent a ghettoblaster, please check that power switch is not missing
– If you have a child, remember to book a babysitter
– When playing acoustic music in echoing hallway, don’t get too close to a street musician who has a banjo

You have been warned. Now it’s time for our latest feature.

Helsinki-based rap trio Ruger Hauer just released their second full-lenght “Erectus”. Joose Keskitalo is a folk musician who featured on one of the album tracks. As far as we know, that song has never been performed live. Until now.

As you probably noticed, that ghettoblaster looked awesome but actually it didn’t work at all. We had to use laptop speakers, and we thought that maybe the beats sounded louder in a smaller place: elevator!

This time we didn’t take Joose for a ride but (un)luckily we got another special guest on vocals…

That day the broken boombox or crying baby weren’t our only difficulties. While Joose was playing solo inside the photo booth, a local banjoman did his best to ruin our take. The power of a preacher man was a lot of bigger.

Acoustic folk vs street musician 1–0.

When the session was over, we were 100% sure that we could never use any of the footage we had just recorded. Still, the sound may not be hi-fi, cinematography is pretty far from bling bling rap videos and there are strange background noises on every clip.

But hey, we don’t care! This was a once in lifetime experience, something for completely different, and at least we had a lot of fun!

Ruger Hauer on Facebook
Joose Keskitalo on Facebook

HSL / Reino Aittomäki
Radio Helsinki / Marko Karvinen
Helsinki Boombox Rental / Randy Barracuda

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