Date: 8th of November 2013
Place: S/S Turso, Helsinki

S/S Turso is an old harbour icebreaker. Back in the days it was lost to Soviet Union as part of war reparations. Few years ago some Finnish guys found it from Saint Petersburg and bought it back to Helsinki. Now the boat is fully restored, and we must say it looks awesome.

Karnivool are Australian progressive / alternative group who played at totally packed Nosturi in the beginning of November. They have nothing to do with icebreaking or boating.

Even though there aren’t icebreakers in Australia, these nice guys seemed to enjoy their short visit in this cool steamboat.


S/S Turso / Esko Härö
Sony Music / Katja Vauhkonen
Nosturi / Eeka Mäkynen
Ville Malja & Svante Colerus

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  1. Now if only he could bring some of that vibe back to birds of tokyo. They are SO boring now!

  2. Amazing.

    Wht’s with the weird squealing sound that whistles through the louder parts of Umbra?

  3. just beautiful <3

  4. Amazing! I’d love a download for these..hinthint

  5. *-* amazing ! , i love karnivool , vengan a argentina porfavor

  6. It was such a great gig. Met Andrew before the gig, and the actual gig was just mindblowing. I can’t thank this band enough for making music like they do.

  7. Spectacular acoustic versions. But I miss Steve :(

    • haha, I’m just imagining Steve smashing his kit behind these gentle acoustic versions. All the dudes just look up, “Stiv plz”

  8. Gotta love a little Karnivoolism steam boat action. Yes, I have to agree, the drummer is MIA!!! But he must be filming…..I saw this band a while ago when I went to see a DJ! So GOOD!!!