Date: 23rd of October 2013
Place: Private apartment, Helsinki

This session is something that we’ve been planning for a long time. Let’s take a look into About Us introduction: “Bands are invited to play short, mainly acoustic Off The Record session in some unique place such as bowling alley, museum, sailing boat, gym, market place cafeteria, sauna, fan’s apartment…”.

So far we have visited various locations but finally it was a time for a typical Finnish apartment.

When we heard that Ed Harcourt was interested in having a session with Off The Record and he wished to play piano, we decided to make this happen. We posted on our Facebook page that we were looking for a flat with a piano.

Just in few hours we received nearly 20 suggestions but the decision was eventually pretty easy to make. A gentleman from Vallila district wrote that he has a recently tuned grand piano, and “Ed playing at my home would be a dream come true”.

Few days later here we were. Sitting on a couch next to a burning fireplace, having some fresh coffee and listening Ed to play two songs from his latest album “Back Into The Woods”. Once again it was an afternoon to remember.


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