Date: 6th of April 2012
Place: Hotel Radisson Blu Seaside conference suite, Helsinki

If you are living in Finland or at least have visited here during Spring time, you’ll know this for sure. Weather can be anything from sunshine to rain, slush and snow. During this year’s Easter holidays we got the latter one. Loads of it.

A night before Death Hawks had played in Nosturi with American doom/stoner band Om. It was still quite early in the morning when we met outside the venue. The plan was to ’go to some nice location outdoors and enjoy Finnish spring time’. Not this time.

Due to holiday season, basically all shops, restaurants, museums and other similar places were closed. What the fuck should we do now? Is there any place that would be open? Hey, wait a minute! Hotels are keep their doors open 24/7.

The closest one to Nosturi was fancy Radisson Blu Seaside. Due to some strange reason they allowed us, a bunch of hippies, to enter their luxurious sauna/conference premises (located in top floor penthouse, of course). Lovely receptionist Kaisa even provided us some free coffee.

During the last song we witnessed one of the most memorial moments ever seen on Off The Record clip. Take a look, ladies especially. Gotta love Tenho.

Radisson Blu Seaside / Kaisa Päärni
Santtu Särkäs Photography
Pete Voutilainen

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