Date: 16th of March 2012
Place: Hakasalmen huvila, Helsinki

Suddenly it seems that there are so many new Finnish indie talents around. And what is even stranger, most of them are really good. In addition to our old favourites Rubik and Magenta Skycode, lately we’ve been listening to The New Tigers, Burning Hearts, French Films, Big Wave Riders, Merries and of course Black Twig to name a few.

Black Twig released their debut album ”Paper Trees” (Soliti Records) in the beginning of this year. Many of our friends were totally stoked about the record and honestly it is one of the best debut albums in a very long time. Basically all reviews rated the album four stars or more.

Do yourself a favor and catch them live in Ruisrock, Kuudes Aisti or Flow Festival.

In addition to this session we are going to present other new Finnish indie talents soon…maybe even as soon as later this week.

By the way, just few days after our session with Black Twig we found out that footage from one camera was missing. That’s why these clips may seem like our lo-fi tribute to Finnish indie music scene.

Hakasalmen huvila
Soliti Records/ Nick Triani

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