Date: 16th of March 2012
Place: Töölönlahti, Helsinki

In the beginning of March Rumba magazine published an article “The best artist you’ve never heard of”. It was about Antero Lindgren, a young man who lives in Helsinki with his wife and two children.

We couldn’t agree more. Antero is definitely one of the most promising new singer-songwriters at the moment.

Antero Lindgren’s deep baritone voice has been compared to artists like Mark Lanegan and Michael Gira, and he even looks a bit like Josh T. Pearson.

We’ve known Antero for years but honestly we never could have expected that his debut album “Mother” would be this good. Check it out, it’s amazing!

These melancholic songs should be heard worldwide.

We met Antero on the same grey afternoon when we shot a session with Black Twig. Some of you may already know what I’m going to tell you now but let’s go this through again.

Due some strange incident we lost all material from one camera. We recorded some cool shots of Antero walking on ice but unfortunately all of that is missing forever. That is why we had to skip one song and edit the other two with less footage.

Shit happens – Antero rules.

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