Date: Wednesday 2nd of November 2011
Place: Park outside The National Museum of Finland

Have you seen the movie ”Autumn in New York”? Yes, that cheesy romantic drama where Richard Gere falls in love with Winona Ryder and they wander around Central Park. One evening in the early November we had a same kind of feeling (without cancer of course).

Oh yes, those sweet memories. It was probably in late-90s when we saw Sahara Hotnights for the first time. The girls were still in their early twenties – just like us – and played catchy pop influenced garage/alternative rock in their skinny jeans and way too small leather jackets. Sure we had a crush on them. Now we finally had a chance to meet our loved ones. But none of us were teens anymore.

Well, though there was hardly any romance in the air, we must admit that it was a nice evening indeed. We met the lovely girls at the hotel, walked through the dark Töölö district and arrived in the museum yard. The winter was nearly there and leaves were falling on the ground.

Only two songs and our big moment was over.
Two girls jumped in a taxi.

Hope to see you someday again. We are still waiting. <3

Sami Rikala / Universal Music

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