5.-7.7.2013 @ Ruissalo, Turku

Welcome to Off The Record’s Ruisrock Festival special. Feel free to enjoy these clips recorded during the three festival days.

We found mr Samuli Putro at Rantalava’s backstage sauna. After a short discussion, we headed into spooky old warehouse filled with strange stuff like wheelchairs and SDP campaign posters. Please don’t mind of the background noise, it is just Graveyard playing.

Psychedelic alternative rockers of Black Lizard and some hippie chicks in Ruissalo backwoods.

As you can see, there are hundreds people who are working at festival site. Off The Record and Disco Ensemble decided to surprise few of them.

Even a bigger band can fit into a pretty small car. Just like Minä ja Ville Ahonen in this clip.

West End Girls or Scandinavian Girls, we like them both. Unfortunately Off The Record didn’t get a chance to hang out with Pet Shop Boys, but luckily PSB’s (a bit younger) colleagues Satellite Stories agreed to play their latest single.

What should we say about this one? Well…nothing…we guess. No further explanations or introduction needed.

Thanks mr Juhani Merimaa and everyone else at Ruisrock. See you guys again in summer 2014!

Ruisrock / Mikko, Annakaisa, Lauri, Heidi, Antti & others
All artists and record label representatives
Jerry Ylkänen, Antti Hirsiaho & Mikko Ahonen

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