Magenta Skycode

Date: Saturday, 13th of November 2010
Place: Tram Museum, Helsinki

Even though there are many great indie bands in Finland, during the past years one of our favourites have been Turku based Magenta Skycode. Their debut “IIIII” (2006) was a surprise hit but soon after the album release the band disappeared, Magenta’s line-up changed and band the played gigs only every now and then.

Last fall Magenta Skycode’s second full-length “Relief” was finally released. The album won “Finnish Grammy” Emma Award for the best alternative/indie album and it was also voted as “album of the year” in Sue and Rumba magazine critic’s polls.

And yes, when we started to think about Off The Record blog we wanted Magenta Skycode to be the first band to play in our sessions.

We asked if the band could kindly bring some acoustic instruments along when they came to Helsinki in mid-November. We thought that maybe they’ll show up with guitar, bass and maybe some percussion. It was a big surprise when the guys appeared to Korjaamo’s Tram Museum with mandolin, guitar, acoustic bass, accordion, mini-sized grand piano, iPhone drum kit and much more.

Tip: Check at least the last clip. In the middle of the song “Go Outside Again” you’ll hear a big surprise: Magenta Skycode singing in Finnish!

Later in the same evening Korjaamo’s Vaunuhalli was totally packed while Magenta Skycode played their best gig we’ve ever witnessed. For us it was an evening with Magenta Skycode.

Timo & Lani / Korjaamo
Helsinki Tram Museum

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