Date: 30th of January 2012
Place: Sea Life, Helsinki

Harmaja is a windy beacon island close to Suomenlinna. The name Harmaja can also mean Finnish band that just released their third album ”Marras”.

Harmaja was founded in northern part of Finland, in a small coastal city called Raahe. Actually one of our friends is from there and his father was a fisherman. This is why we assumed that Raahe is a traditional fishing village. Needless to say that all of us love fishing as well!

This time the dark waters of Gulf of Bothnia seemed to be quite far away since we invited Harmaja to a bit more tropical place. Sharks and many colourful fishes swam around and above us. There were few quite big ones indeed.

It was a shame that we forgot our fishing equipments.


Sea Life / Mirka Anttila
Sony Music / Katja Vauhkonen

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