Anneke Van Giersbergen & Danny Cavanagh (HOL/UK)

Date: 28th of January 2013
Place: G18 Ballroom, Helsinki

It´s not that easy to find a grand piano from Helsinki when needed. After weeks of searching all the possible spots for this session, we finally found this beautiful ballroom with helpfull staff at G18.

These kind of private sessions are one of the reason why this hobby of ours is so rewarding. At least for our crews metal section who have been fans of Danny’s and Anneke’s music for decades already.

Let’s hope that you can find even a small glimpse of that magical moment we had making these clips.

Jerry & Conny Das Båt
G18 staff
Haavard/ Aftermath Music

17 Responses to "Anneke Van Giersbergen & Danny Cavanagh (HOL/UK)" (Comments are closed)

  1. Juan Manuel says:

    :D Amazing i will see you in Mexico, could you play this song at The Plaza Condesa :D

  2. Realmente geniales, la interpretación de los dos temas. Seguid así.

  3. Wonderful pieces. Gave me chills. :)

  4. Off The Record is a great concept. Keep up the good work.

  5. Juan Carlos Guerra says:


  6. Magic in the songs :) The best….

  7. Jacco van Gelderen says:

    This sounds really wonderful…

  8. Just the perfection !

  9. sina poorhoseiny says:

    amazingggg danny & anneke

  10. Gustavo Gava says:

    Simplesmente, descomunal!!…


  11. yesss, soulfull, beautifull, wonderfull, a journey out of this world.
    best wishes, inspiration & fun – rayang

  12. Martti Asikainen says:

    It was a really pleasant concert at Semifinaali in Helsinki. Quite small place with fairly good acoustics, two perfect solo artists who made out an incredible duo in the end. You two really have a perfect chemistry on the stage. And we had quite nice audience aswell, of course (at least I behaved!)

    Thank you for the nice memories and we’ll see again.

    (I hope Anneke remembers that she promised to come and pick me up from Düsseldorf when she’s playing in Helsinki next time.) :)

  13. miguel tudela says:


  14. Diego Rorai says:

    me derretí :)

  15. So beautiful! I am waiting for the new Anathema Blu-ray to finally come out..Please hurry up….

  16. Juan Carlos Cuevas says:

    I got the goosebumps, these two never cease to amaze me…

  17. Kelly Ribeiro says:

    So beautiful, love you guys.